Get Your Billions Back Amazon Sellers!

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It's refund season Amazon sellers and it's time to get your billions back! 

First of all, you should watch the video preview that is 9 minutes long. If that doesn't make you enough money to buy the rest of the videos, then don't buy the course :)

Odds are, if you bought Ryan Grant's book (, you have seen the majority of these methods. I have two that were not shown in the book, but I just want to be up front and honest before you buy this course. You might be needing someone to walk you through it with video, so this might be the perfect compliment to his book.

Amazon is a massive platform with a ton of sellers. That being said, it is really easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. This course is designed to show you the different ways you can file for reimbursements from Amazon to get the money they owe you back.

If you cannot make your money back of this course, you will be refunded, but please do not buy just to look at it then request a refund. I am certain these steps will get you money back from Amazon, so if you ask for a refund please let me know the reasons not just "cuz."

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Get Your Billions Back Amazon Sellers!

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